The objective of this project is the preparation and compilation of geological, geophysical and hydraulic data that are most relevant for planning geothermal direct use facilities in Germany. The project focuses on areas and formations with geothermal potential that could be characterized in more detail or that are not yet covered by the national geothermal information system GeotIS. The results will include new structural 3D-models and estimates of the hydraulic conductivities of geothermal reservoirs. Favorable reservoir properties in sedimentary systems may be related to divisional surfaces like for instance joints, faults or unconformities. For this reason divisional surfaces will also be considered in this research project. In order to identify the geologic conditions that may change the hydraulic conductivity in the vicinity of divisional surfaces over geologic times, a model will be set up as a tool to improve the assessment of geothermal potentials. Furthermore, an interactive E-Learning portal will be set up that will allow users to gain more knowledge on geothermal energy use in Germany. It is also planned to continue the international collaboration within the framework of the geothermal implementing agreement of the IEA.

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