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Discover new heat sources with GeotIS

The geothermal information system GeotIS is a freely accessible digital information system on geothermal energy and offers you extensive opportunities to investigate the potential use of geothermal resources in your region.

Use the start button to start researching directly or find out more about geothermal energy and its various possible uses on our pages.

The system was developed by LIAG Institute for Applied Geophysics together with various universities, research institutions and companies on behalf of the German Bundestag.

Thanks to its extensive range of tools, GeotIS offers numerous research options from the initial overview to the calculation of possible returns.

We use the data collected from several decades of geoscientific investigations to present a model of the subsurface that is as detailed as possible. Our data and models are regularly updated and adapted to the latest findings.


Screenshot with the map of geothermal probes

New design, new functions

In 2024, GeotIS will not only present itself in a new design, with the new map on the possible uses of geothermal probes, a further step towards near-surface geothermal energy has also been taken.

To the geothermal probe map


Geothermal Energy Congress 2024

The most important meeting of the geothermal energy industry in Germany will take place in Potsdam in October 2024. LIAG will be involved with various posters and lectures.

Further information: Geothermiekongress

Further information about geothermal energy and GeotIS

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