The current team

Project management

Prof. Dr. Inga Moeck

Prof. Dr. Inga Moeck LIAG

  • Project management
Tel: +49 (0)511 / 643-3468
Dr. Thorsten Agemar

Dr. Thorsten Agemar LIAG

  • Project management
  • IT development
  • 3D modeling
  • Geostatistics
Tel: +49 (0)511 / 643-2937

Project staff

Dr. Nicole Dobrzinski

Dr. Nicole Dobrzinski LIAG

  • GIS data management
  • GIS mapping & spatial analysis
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Geothermal potential assessment
Tel: +49 (0)511 / 643-2913
Michael Erb

Michael Erb LIAG

  • 3D modeling
  • Geostatistics
  • Sediment geology
  • Geophysics
Tel: +49 (0)511 / 643-3519
Niklas Mantei

Niklas Mantei LIAG

  • Numerical modeling
  • Reservoir prognosis for the economic usability
  • Machine learning
Tel: +49 (0)511 / 643-3543
Alex Susan Meyer

Alex Susan Meyer LIAG

  • Cartography
  • Geomedia
Tel: +49 (0)511 / 643-3219
Djotsa Nguimeya

Djotsa Nguimeya LIAG

  • Geological Modelling and Numerical Simulation
  • Geophysics, Petrophysics and Well logging
  • Geothermal Energy Systems
  • GIS and Geodatabase
Tel: +49 (0)511 / 643-2320
Mohammad Sazegar

Mohammad Sazegar LIAG

  • IT development
  • Java programming
  • Database management
Tel: +49 (0)511 / 643-2941
Dr. Tom Schintgen

Dr. Tom Schintgen LIAG

  • Project Coordination
  • Evaluation of geothermal parameters
  • 3D modeling
  • GIS data processing
Tel: +49 (0)511 / 643-3492
Sebastian Sperlich

Sebastian Sperlich LIAG

  • Web development
  • WebGIS development
  • Web administration
Tel: +49 (0)511 / 643-2936
Dr. Josef Weber

Dr. Josef Weber Uni Göttingen

  • Energy statistics
  • International cooperation (IEA Geothermal)
  • eLearning
  • Public relations

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