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What is GeotIS?
GeotIS is an information system for medium-depth and deep geothermal energy in Germany. It essentially consists of three parts:
  • The website with general information on the use of geothermal energy in Germany
  • An e-learning platform to increase knowledge about geothermal energy
  • The map application to explore the situation on the ground.
What topics does GeotIS offer?
GeotIS collects all information on the use of medium-deep and deep geothermal energy in Germany. It is aimed both at laypeople who want to get an initial overview of the various possible uses and at experts.
I would like to heat my house with geothermal energy in the future. Can I find information about this here?
Individual buildings are usually heated by heat pumps, i.e. by near-surface geothermal energy. Information on this and in particular on the situation at your place of residence is available from the responsible geological service in your federal state.
How do I get further information on the topic?
You can find detailed information on geothermal energy in our learning portal, where we provide various information in videos and learning modules. In addition to a glossary with the most important terms, you will also find a detailed directory with secondary literature and links to further information on our website.
On which devices can I use GeotIS?
In principle, GeotIS can be used on all devices, but we recommend using a desktop computer, since the use of interactive maps on mobile devices in particular has technical limits. However, we endeavor to enable the use of the application with smartphones or tablets as far as technically possible.
How do I use the interactive map?
There is a separate, detailed help system for using the map application at Geotis Help. To get to know the various functions, we also recommend using the corresponding learning module.
Is it possible to get the used data for further use?
We offer some of our data as a web map service or as shapefiles. More detailed information can be found on the pages Overview Maps and Web Map Service.
Who is GeotIS from?
The GeotIS geothermal information system is operated and developed by the LIAG Institute for Applied Geophysics in Hanover together with various partners. Further information on the current and former project partners and the involved People can be found on the homepage.
May I use information from GeotIS for publications etc?
The use of data and statements is permitted provided that the authorship is shown. Detailed information can be found here.
Who do I contact with questions and comments about GeotIS?
If you have any questions or requests or if you noticed an error, please contact us at info@geotis.de.

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