Information on using Web Map Services (WMS)

The maps listed below are provided as a Web Map Service (WMS). A WMS allows direct access to the geodata of these maps.
More information about WMS can be found on the following internet sites:
To visualize a WMS, you need a compatible program:

  • Google Earth, ESRI ArcGIS Explorer, etc.,
  • Internet mapping application with WMS-Importer.

The product list of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) shows the currently registered WMS programs.
Even if the adress of a WMS looks like a normal internet adress (URL), it is not intended for use in a browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.). Currently we provide the following services (German Language only):

Geothermal installations

  • Geothermal installations (connected with attribute data)
  • Areas with possible hydrothermal use
Metadata for this service are available at

Geothermal atlas

  • Map A - areas with proven hydrothermal potential
  • Map B - areas with assumed hydrothermal potential
  • Map C - areas with petrothermal potential
  • Map D - compilation of the maps A-C
  • CCS - possible conflicts with CO2 storage
Metadata for this service are available at

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