Data repository

Registry of Research Data Repositories

Origin of data

Heat demand

Heat demand data
DDBI Group (2023) Heat demand data Modeling. DBI - Gastechnologisches Institut gGmbH Freiberg (Sachsen).


Involved Institutions: LIAG
Editor: Moeck, I.
Moeck, I. (2014): Catalog of geothermal play types based on geologic controls. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 37, (2014), 867-882.
Fault zones
Involved Institutions: BGR, LIAG
Editor: Dittmann, J., Suchi, E.
Schulz et al. (2013): Geothermieatlas zur Darstellung möglicher Nutzungskonkurrenzen zwischen CCS und Tiefer Geothermie.
Endbericht, LIAG, Hannover, URL:
Die Rolle von tiefreichenden Störungszonen bei der geothermischen Energienutzung.
Final report, LIAG, Hanover, URL:
Salt structures in North Germany
Involved Institutions: BGR
Editor: Reinhold, K., Krull, P. & Kockel, F.
Reinhold et al. 2008: Salzstrukturen Norddeutschlands, Berlin/Hanover
Static vertical sections
Baden-Wuerttemberg: RP Freiburg, Editor: Jodocy, M. & Stober, I.
Hesse: TU Darmstadt & HLUG, Editor: Arndt, D. & Bär, K.


Topography / boundaries
DLM250/1000, GN250/1000, VG250; © 2006 BKG
Satellite images
Landsat 2000; © NASA
Terrain model
DGM 250; © 2001 BGR( AGeoBw, AdV and BKG)

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